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Superfood Cookies On a Mission!

Cookies. That I-want-it-now sugar craving, followed by guilt trip. Sounds familiar?

For decades I rode that rollercoaster ride. Constantly wrestling with what I wanted to eat with what I should eat. Which basically translated to periods of denial followed by binge eating. Until one day I asked myself a simple question. Why does being healthy need to be so painful? Why can’t what’s-good-for-me taste good too?

That light bulb moment was when Yoga Superfuel was born. With a mission to fix the modern nutritional balance. One cookie at a time.

Knowing my own struggles with sugar which always spiked and crashed, gluten which always left me feeling bloated and nutrition which never appealed due to its insipid taste, I decided to take on the challenge to get the balance right.

And that’s why it’s called Yoga Superfuel.

Because Yoga stands for balance and I wanted Yoga Superfuel cookies to live (and taste) that balance philosophy i.e. balance of nutrition plus taste. Powered with ancient superfoods to super fuel one’s health and with zero nasties. Only the good stuff, just like Yoga.

We focus on Superfoods like:

  1. Amaranth: gluten free, protein rich and lowers cholesterol,
  2. Buckwheat: gluten free seed, protein rich, fibre rich and aids digestion,
  3. Sorghum: gluten free grain rich in antioxidants and fibre,
  4. Ginger / Turmeric: anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity,
  5. Cocoa: antioxidant rich and prevents free radicals,
  6. Coconut: rich in digestible healthy fats and minerals,
  7. Nuts and Seeds: rich in heart healthy fats.

In the urban world, these natural health foods have got lost somewhere along the way and replaced by quick fixes like refined carbs, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, flavourings by the big food industry. This does not need to be the case and we exist to fix it.


Higher on Nutrition. Lower on Sugar.

The fast-digesting refined carbs and sugar load in market cookies (or most other packaged snacks for that matter) spike one’s blood sugar and then crash it, leaving one feeling drained and craving more carbs for another energy fix. Not to mention the gut assault by the hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined sugar, flavourings and preservatives!

That’s why we replaced that junk with nutrient dense superfoods that are wholesome, so that it grounds you rather than drains you. On average, our cookies have 75% superfoods. And they have no preservatives or other nasties.

We also work hard to keep the overall sugar low. Average sugar per cookie is about 2.7 g (including from carbohydrates) which is actually lower than an apple slice! Now we are not suggesting that one can binge away on these cookies, because as with any food, moderation is still the key.

For Gluten Free Friends.

We have five flavours at the moment. Fig Amaranth and Almond Buckwheat are Gluten Free. Ginger Granola, Turmeric Chai and Cocoa Coconut have regular steel cut oats, so they are not gluten free. Although we are working on replacing them with certified gluten free oats. All the cookies are Dairy Free as we do not use any butter or eggs. Please do note that cookies are produced in a facility that also handles wheat flakes, soy and peanuts. However, we ensure that machinery is not shared between our cookies and other wheat flake-based products at the facility.

We also individually seal each cookie in aluminium foil so that they are easy to carry and prevent cross contamination post production. Each cookie pack is nitrogen flushed to keep it fresh, since we do not use any preservatives.

Once you try the cookies, we would love to hear your feedback and interact more. Please connect with us on socials IG/FB @yogasuperfuel write to us at info@yogasuperfuel.com

Yoga Superfuel