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Fast Before Feast This Holiday Season!

What’s the best part about holidays? Eating, of course. And a traditional holiday meal averages 3,000 calories, just a little short of 1 pound of weight gain . Ouch!!

Can you avoid all fat gain during this time? Sure, maybe if you retreated into a cave. But for the rest of us who like to enjoy our precious time and delicious food with loved ones, there are smarter ways to feast and still minimize fat storage.

Here’s your Guilt-Free Holiday Survival Plan:

  1. Intermittent Fast: This works perfectly for any of big meals or events during the holiday season. For maximum “fat burn” benefit, eat during an 8–10 hour window. If you are new to IF, start with 12 hour fasting window instead. To learn more on IF, read here.
  2. Consume higher protein before the main feast: This way, you’ll feel satiated and less likely to overeat high-carb foods, fatty foods, or both at a dinner party.
  3. Structure your party meal:  Have a look on the full party menu and decide where you want to focus. If you want to exclusively eat the meal and intend to abstain from alcohol and sugary desserts, eat protein first, then fat (which will help suppress your appetite), and eat tons of veggies.
  4. If you plan on having the dessert: If you’ve set your sights on dessert, then keep your protein and veggie intake high, but keep your fat intake to a minimum.
  5. If you are hitting the booze: Select low-carb drinks such as gin, rum or vodka and make sure you match your water intake 1:1 i.e. a glass of water for every serving of alcohol. Remember alcohol disrupts your body’s fat burning for hours.
  1. Train Big: If you know you are going to eat enough for a family of four, then focus on intense, fasted, weight-training session on a big muscle group (such as legs) before the big meal.

Now go ahead and enjoy your holiday parties’ guilt free!

#Happy Holidays

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  • February 23, 2020

    akshay bhosale

    Fasting has been a part of Indian lifestyle for thousands of years and now it has also been medically proven that fasting does have a great effect on a person’s health. So everyone should fast every once in a while to keep themselves fit.