The 4 Foods That Your Child Needs

Article Contributed by Scott Larsen, Director Nuzest Asia

We often lump food into one category however we should break it down especially when it comes to the diet of our children. Making sure they are getting what they need on a daily basis. This article break down food into four components:

  • 3 Square Whole Food Meals
  • Snacks
  • Supplements
  • And Water!

These are all essential components to ensure that your children are getting what they need to start the day and maximizing key components such, health for cognitive support and energy.

3 Square Meals The Breakdown

Starting with the general diet of children. We highly recommend that all children should be eating a quality range of whole foods on a daily basis. This should not come as a surprise, as nutritionists around the world would agree that a balanced diet of green leafy vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins and good fat is essential to support the optimal growth and wellness of youngsters.

Although there are a lot of dieting strategies out in the market, for the most part they are more suitable for adults.  These include aggressive protocols of keto, intermittent fasting. For the most part children should not be actively trying  simply need to balance out their energy with amazing food choices. What is key for the bulk of children’s food is to make sure it is:

  1. Unprocessed
  2. Unrefined
  3. And as clean as possible (organic or at least no chemicals, fillers, or artificial flavours and preservatives

Think of farm to table. Or Orchard to table depending on your preference.

A handy little tip in the supermarket. To ensure that you are finding the foods that your children actually need, is to only purchase foods on the outer perimeter of the supermarket. Usually in a supermarket layout this would consist of fruit and veggies to start, followed by some fresh meat (if this is your chosen for a group). Dairy including cheese,  Greek yogurt  – watch out for sneaky sugar in commercial yogurts!  Maybe some freshly baked bread and rice.    If that makes 95% of your shopping basket, then feel free to grab some other condiments or ‘treats’ to fill up the remaining 5%.  This process will set you on a good path.

Snacking – with purpose!

One thing that Mums and Dads around the world always scratching their heads on, is a go to snack that is suitable for children. Of course chopped fruit or things like celery and carrot sticks are fantastic options, but sometimes we literally want something that you can pluck out of the pantry and drop into the school-bag.   This is where Yoga Superfuel makes an perfect choice. Name a child that doesn’t like cookies!!

Yoga Superfuel cookies are vegan, free of gluten, egg, dairy, butter, refined sugar/ flour and preservatives.  Ticking ALL the boxes for a super snack on the go.   Packed with extra superfoods, your kids will be getting a perfect morning or mid-afternoon nutritional boost while eating a ‘treat’.


Let’s face it, for most of us we are not able to think and prepare our meals adequately, let alone our kids.  We are not placing blame, but life just gets in the way.   The work call that comes in that you didn’t expect, or the emergency that you need to attend to.   It just seems to be the nature of our current work/life environments.

At the end of the day, I think all parents just want to have the peace of mind that their children are meeting all of their nutritional needs on a daily basis.

Given this, Nuzest’s Kids Good Stuff, is a perfect solution as a morning grab and go.  This range comes in three broad flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Caramel and are perfect when mixed part of a morning smoothie!  (follow this link for ideas –

With over 75 ingredients, Kids Good Stuff covers all of the nutritional basis such as essential vitamins and minerals.  As well as pre and pro-biotics for optimal gut health and many more targeted herbs, spices, greens and fruit to ensure it’s a one and done process.  Sitting alongside a balanced breakfast your child will be topped up and ready to take the day on at full speed.

Some of you may have active kids – so Kids Good Stuff uses the same plant-based sugar free Pea Protein to ensure correct muscle development and nutrients to sit alongside main meals (that are often carb-heavy in Asia.)

Water and Hydration

The final component that we all need to be vigilant of his water intake. Obviously, kids are on the go and sometimes can overlook their water needs. A lack of water can lead to severe problems including constipation and dehydration. Specifically in a country such as Singapore that is hot all the time! Frequent small amounts of water through the day is optimal to perform well both for kids and adults.

So the next time you are planning a trip to the supermarket or the playground, keep these tips in mind.




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