Make One Small Change. Today.

Why is the adherence to any new habit so low? It is because we often take too big a leap. We imagine a big change but then don’t spend as much time building and following the steps behind it. Lose 10 kilograms by a certain date – sounds familiar? The other reason is we start too many initiatives all at once.

New year resolutions anyone? A Russian proverb wisely states “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one”.

The solution is: Focus on One Thing and Take One Small Step. Do not change the One thing until it becomes a habit, then you may move on to the next change you seek.

Don’t imagine the outcome, just focus on the small steps that will get you there and do them every day.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Build strength: Do one big body exercise (e.g. squat or deadlift) every workout. Try to lift the same or more each time.
  2. Build endurance: Start running to your workplace at least once every week. Try two times a week when you can.
  3. Eating better: Replace one snacking session a day with something healthy.
  4. Waking up on time: Get to your bed one hour before you usually do. Grab a book but get to bed.

You get the drift. Make one small change that you can commit to every day. In less time than you imagine, you will experience changes and will be motivated to add another step. And I speak from experience. I went through years, with no progress on my health journey, because of my “all healthy” or “all unhealthy” approach. Transformation for me happened only when I decided to chase one rabbit instead of 100. I simply started with “20 min slow jog a day”!

Every journey, however long, starts with one small step. Self improvement is a journey, so make your small step today.


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