Reset Your Sleep. Tonight.

Is your daily routine off these days? Does your work tend to extend longer and longer into the evenings? It’s understandable. Fortunately, you can take steps to get better sleep. Our body is a creature of habits. So is our sleep. To get quality sleep, you need to follow a regular schedule. If you’re wondering how to reset your sleep, read on.

How to Reset Sleep?

Below are 4 key practices, that have worked wonders for me in getting the best sleep I possibly can.

1. Have a Sleep Routine in Sync With Your Biological Clock

We all have a built-in biological clock called a circadian rhythm that regulates our biological functions. You can help sleep along by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, as well as by sticking to your pre-bed routine. Your body needs environmental cues to wind down. Thus, creating a night time routine e.g. warm shower, reading, light music, essential oil, snuggling etc that tells your body that you are preparing to go to sleep is crucial.

2. Practise Deep Breathing To Switch Off Before Bed

 You turn the light off at a reasonable hour but your thoughts start going a mile-a-minute. Even just five minutes of meditation or deep breathing each night before bed will start calming you down. Try Breethe, Headspace or any other free app to begin.

3. Your Sleeping Partner Matters

Your partner likes to read in bed while you’re falling asleep? Experts say that if sharing a bed, approximately 50% of your sleep disturbance is caused by your partner. Your sleep preferences may vary on sleeping time, ideal temperature, sensitivity to sound or even touch. It’s vital that you discuss sleep priority as a couple and where need be, find ways to compromise

4. Improve Your Sleep Environment

Make sure you keep noise down (we use a white noise machine), keep the temperature slightly cool and that your mattress is comfortable. And most importantly, reserve your bed for sleeping. By not working, watching TV, or using phone, your brain will associate the bedroom with just sleep, which makes it easier to wind down!

5. Cut Back on Sugar Before Bed

Limiting the sugar you eat, helps you sleep better according to the National Sleep Foundation. While you shouldn’t go to bed with a stuffed stomach, your stomach doesn’t need to be empty either. If you feel hungry just before bed, have a light and healthy snack e.g. some nuts or yogurt.

Ready to reset your sleep? Start tonight.


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