Keep Your Gut Happy This Christmas!

Christmas means love, laughter and overindulgence! But unlike you, your intestinal microbes don’t have the chance to put the tree up, sit back, and relax. Instead, they work harder to keep you healthy, a feat that’s easier said than done when most of us pile in nutrient-poor foods and litres of alcohol.

It really can be a rough time for your gut and stretch it’s ecosystem to its limits. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring and you can’t enjoy yourself. As Oscar Wilde so eloquently put it, “everything in moderation, including moderation”.

6 Natural Ways To Restore Your Gut This Christmas!

1. Indulge Intelligently
Our gut bacteria are very responsive to what we eat and they begin to change almost as soon as we change our food. Diversity is key! The more varied your plate, the more flexible your microbiome becomes. Pick four or five foods you’d really like to try, and take the smallest portion necessary to satisfy your cravings.

2. Chew More
Chewing your food thoroughly and eating your meals more slowly can help promote full digestion and absorption of nutrients. This may help you reduce digestive discomfort and maintain a healthy gut. Plus you would eat a whole lot lesser!

3.Go Easy On Booze
Excessive drinking makes the intestinal lining too porous increasing the likelihood of inflammation. Alcohol also disrupts the diversity and composition of the gut microbiome. So moderation and hydration are key. Try experimenting with alcohol free drinks on some of the nights to give your gut a break from alcohol!

4. Sleep is Still Not Optional
Recent studies have shown that a lack of sleep can disrupt the composition of your gut bacteria. And people who get a good night’s sleep have a more diverse gut ecosystem. This doesn’t mean you have to say no to every party invite. But yes do make sure you catch up on the sleep the next few days.

5. Eat Fermented Foods
Probiotics are live microorganisms (good bacteria) that reside in the gut that play an integral role in maintaining healthy gut function. Probiotics can be found naturally in fermented foods such as tempeh, miso, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and yoghurt, as well as in supplement format. Make sure to include these in your holidays meals!

6. Don’t Forget Prebiotics
Prebiotics are natural soluble fibres that feed the good bacteria in our large intestine, helping to promote balanced gut flora and healthy bowel function. Foods rich in prebiotic fibre are easy to include in your meals: leeks, onions, asparagus, wholegrains, apples, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, flaxseed.

I hope you will take care of the friendly bacteria in your gut, especially as we head into the holidays!


Shagun, Yoga Superfuel

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