How to choose right snack for kids.

As a mother and a health lover, I know the importance of balanced nutrition for children. Children have small stomachs and often need small snacks between meals to keep them from getting too hungry. Snacking should be seen as an opportunity to fuel your children with nutritious energy.

What’s in a Healthy Snack?

Just like you put together breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that include several food groups — carbs, protein, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables — that nutrient balance is the goal for snacks, too. This approach can be especially helpful for picky eaters who might miss out on key nutrients at mealtimes.

How To Choose?

  1. Portion Size: Choose small serves so as to not disturb the child’s main meals, but big enough that they don’t feel hungry.
  1. Well Timed: 2 to 3 hours after one meal ends and about 1 to 2 hours before the next meal begins is ideal.
  1. Remove Distractions: It is important to create mindful eaters who eat to hunger and enjoy the food they eat. Try to stop, sit (without distractions such as TV) and eat.
  1. Make Healthy Easily Available: Keep a selection of healthy snacks in the fridge or pantry including yoghurt, fruit, veggie sticks, nuts and wholegrain bread.

Cookies & Chips? Most packaged snacks are full of sugar, salt, and empty calories that won’t fuel your kids for long. So make sure to read the labels.


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