YSF Superfan Pack (All Five, Vegan, Gluten Free)

(33 customer reviews)

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“Healthy Cookies That Taste Great”

8 Cookies Per Flavour.

Confused what to try first? Go for our all time favorite Superfan Pack and discover the awesome flavours at one go! Its a great pack for gifting to your friends / family. Guilt free cookie gift box.

  • Turmeric Chai Cookies
  • Fig Amaranth Cookies
  • Cocoa Coconut Cookies
  • Almond Buckwheat Cookies
  • Ginger Granola Cookies

8 Cookies Per Flavour


  • Packed with Superfoods
  • Lower Sugar
  • Nutritious Snack
  • Slow Digesting
  • Zero Refined Nasties
  • Vegan, Gluten Free

Reviews (33)

33 reviews for YSF Superfan Pack (All Five, Vegan, Gluten Free)

  1. Tanay

    This is a great pack for gifting to your Friends. They will appreciate you for the gift of health.

  2. parnil (verified owner)

    Ordered this pack as i thought it was a good way to try all of them ! It was such a convenient size – that would make for a very neat and interesting gift. And another reason the gift will be special because the cookies inside are AMAZING ! Guilt Free Gift of Health! WOW

  3. Neha Desai (verified owner)

    The cookies are so light and even if one didn’t know the ingredients, it is clear from first bite that this is healthy. I loved all the flavors (cocoa coconut and almond buckwheat were superb) and they are the perfect guilt free snack ! Highly recommended and commendable effort to develop these.

  4. Stephanie Leong

    Small enough to pop into the mouth for a crumble-free experience, substantial enough to keep the belly happy and full! Super tasty without being overly indulgent. I’m happy I found something healthy and satisfying!

  5. Stephanie Leong

    This box of amazing goodness is small enough to pop in the mouth for a crumb-free snack experience while it is substantial enough to keep the belly happy!
    I’ve had very few snacks that are healthy and tasty – these cookies top the list!

  6. Cheryl

    They taste amazing and the choice of flavours are superb! It may be my first box but it sure won’t be my last!

  7. hannayen888 (verified owner)

    The best excuse to order this gift pack with all 4 flavors is that it’ll be a fantastic present for 4 of your closest friends and family … But the real reason is to secretly have it all yourself! So light and so scrumptious, yet filling as it’s packed with superfuelled nutrition so that you won’t binge many in one sitting. A great snack to munch on everyday at 3pm when the cravings kick in for something unhealthy that’s bound to give you a sugar high, followed by an awful low. As a bride-to-be, getting into shape the healthy way is important to me, and this is the best first step to sustainable healthy living and more energy to face the day!

  8. Ting

    I bought few packs during CNY and gave it to my friends as gift. They all love it. Myself kept one pack and I eat it for my afternoon coffee time, the test is really good especially the “Ginger granola ” is my favorite .

  9. lynda Williams

    Amazing cookies, I have mine with a spoon of peanut butter sometimes too! Very helpful customer service, will definitely buy again! x

  10. yongyuhan93

    Tried all flavours and my favourite is ginger granola. Taste genuinely homey. Ginger tastes a bit like date. Bite size just nice to be daily office munch

  11. Sckisses

    Chanced upon these cookies while looking for a healthy snack. I’m glad I tried!! Taste is just right, perfect!! I love having a cocoa coconut one for mid-day boost, and the ginger granola one with a cup of tea to end my hectic day. Love it!

  12. kartik chandrasekhar

    Ordered once again and got the lovely new turmeric chai cookies as well. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better it just did with this new addition

  13. Pearlyn Ong (verified owner)

    Really lovely, wholesome cookies that satisfied my sweet tooth without the artifiical, refined nasties. My favourite one is cocoa coconut – they definitely do not skimp on the dark chocolate flavour! Yoga super-yum! Will definitely be ordering more.

  14. anette_stevens

    What a treat! Love them, it motivates me to go and work out so that I can get a cookie afterwards! The cocoa coconut is a very definite favour. Will definitely be a repeat order.

  15. Marta Magdalena

    A guilt free pleasure. I’m a great fan of Superfuel from the day one and I just wish they were not ending so fast. I love them as a pre-practice snack in the morning, or as snack after lunch.

  16. arzeen.ansar

    Loved them!!!! Few were my fave. Ordering them again. Thank you for doing this. Its amazing ❤️

  17. annlimpt (verified owner)

    Healthy cookies that suit my taste bugs, cute packaging too, especially the drawings of yoga poses! I believe I will buy them again. Thank you for having these cookies!

  18. toughjane (verified owner)

    Its yummy and delicious, not tried this kind of natural ingredients cookies b4.

  19. Sujata Sheth

    Excellent product. I love every flavor and they are the perfect size for a snack.

  20. Christine Toh

    I’m Glad to have tried all the flavours. It’s goodness in bite size, with such premium ingredients you know that you are snacking on something healthy. Definitely having these after my barre classes !

  21. annlimpt (verified owner)

    I have tried all. My favourites are Cocoa Coconut and Tumeric Chai. They have its unique taste that sit well to my liking. It’s not like the usual buttery kind of cookies or super sweet type. Even though my family and friends (especially colleagues) do not know how to appreciate these cookies yet. Perhaps they may change their mind one day! I have just ordered them again!

  22. Erlyna

    fast delivery and nicely packed! Delicious and nutritious…perfect combi!

  23. Janet

    The biscuits are delicious !!

  24. Gayle

    I love all the flavors I have tried so far (ginger granola, almond buckwheat and cocoa coconut)! They’re great not just post-yoga but for any snack opportunity!

  25. Li Teng

    The cookies are delicious and at the same time healthy. My daughter loves them too!

  26. Lim Shu Fen

    Bought this for my very health conscious friend and she loved the cookies very much. Each cookie is packed with nutrients to fill up the tummy.

  27. yunlu.lim

    My first purchase from YSF was the almond buckwheat cookie and the cocoa coconut cookie. I have always been into healthy eating but also like to indulge in some guilty pleasures. This cookies allows me to indulge without feeling too guilty and give me the extra boost I need to get about my day. I love adding these cookies into my overnight oats or just eating them as an afternoon snack! Oh my favourite is the almond buckwheat cookie!

  28. Tiffany

    Really yummy superfood! Every bite is full of goodness. Best of all, it’s gluten free and dairy free! Perfect for myself and kids!

  29. Kristin Strand Watterud

    Addictive superfood! Several of the flavours are also FODMAP friendly, which is crucial to my IBS issues. I enjoy them with my morning coffee or a cup of tea, and we always bring some in our backpack for a rewarding break when hiking the natural trails of Singapore.

  30. Raymond Lim (verified owner)

    Finally found the right biscuits for my snackings with all its natural sweetness and ingredients. Will order again

  31. Charlotte Dickson

    Adore these cookies. They make a great snack pre or post workout and taste delicious!!

  32. SW

    The cocoa coconut cookies are the nicest of all flavours. Healthy and guilt free snack. Only thing is each cookie is really really small…. if only they can be bigger…..

  33. dee dee

    i bought the cocoa flavour one and im in love with this snack!!! it actually filiing and super tasty! not sugary tasty but uu can really taste the oat and cranberries! i love this soooo much!!

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Healthy Cookies that Taste Great. Yes, that’s what people love most about us. Get free delivery on this pack.

What’s in your YSF Superfan Cookie Pack?

Vegan Gluten Free Cookies for your Healthy Snack.

  • Turmeric Chai Cookies
  • Fig Amaranth Cookies
  • Cocoa Coconut Cookies
  • Almond Buckwheat Cookies
  • Ginger Granola Cookies

8 Cookies Per Flavour

“Healthy Superfood Snack”

Healthy snack great for office, school lunch box snack, tea-time, workout & post meal healthy dessert. Get Free delivery.

“Super Healthy & Nasties Free.”

Gluten Free. Refined Sugar Free. Dairy Free. Preservative Free. Trans Fat Free. Guilt Free.

Handmade in small batches.

“Low on Sugar. High on Nutrition.”

Healthy Cookies that Taste Great. Yes, that’s what people love most about us. At Yoga Superfuel, we are obsessed in keeping sugar levels low, nutrition profile high and satisfying even the most demanding cookie eaters! That’s why each bite of our cookies is richly packed with delicious superfoods. Nothing refined ever. Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Flour Free, Refined Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Preservative Free. You will find our crunchy cookies lower in sugar, higher in nutrition and full of natural superfood flavour. So go ahead and satisfy your sweet cravings, guilt free. Like a Yogi.

Free Online Singapore Delivery. Also available on Redmart.

YSF Superfan Pack (All Five, Vegan, Gluten Free)





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