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A simple two-step carb strategy for better snacking

Have you ever found yourself with a half-eaten cookie in your hand and wondered how it got there?

Fast-digesting carbs spike your blood sugar and then crash it, leaving you feeling drained and craving more carbs for another energy fix. Over consumption of refined carbs and sugars can lead to high blood sugar, inflammation and other effects that lead to a “toxic brain”. This is the reason carbs get a bad reputation in nutrition industry.

But not all carbs are created equal. Whole foods made up of complex carbs provide the much needed fiber for our gut microbiome which not only aids digestion, but is also know to impact our overall health including brain health. So choosing carbs wisely can help us fuel our mind and body in the right way.

  1. Choose whole foods rather than processed

It should not come as a surprise that packaged snacks are mostly refined flour and refined sugar! And minimal nutrition. Think sugary cookies, fattening potato chips, and salt-bomb beef sticks. Instead go for the healthier options like nuts, seed mix, fresh fruits, greek yogurt. But if you do crave a cookie, look out for the ones made with whole foods. Like Yoga Superfuel healthy cookies made with Superfoods like gluten free Amaranth, Buckwheat, Cocoa, Coconut, Ginger, Nuts and Seeds. And 100% hand made with minimal processing (we do use an oven to bake our cookies!). You can order the cookies online (with free shipping) to give it a try.

  1. Combine macronutrients

Eat carbs with some protein and fat whenever possible. E.g. pairing greek yogurt with fruit to get protein, fat, and both simple and complex carbs. The protein helps slow digestion and provide you with important amino acids. The fruit gives you the quick energy for your body while also providing antioxidants and fiber. Finally, the fat is needed for taste as well as cell structure and development. Combining macronutrients has the added benefit of keeping carb portions in check.

Yoga Superfuel Cookies are made with nutritious Superfoods!

That’s why at Yoga Superfuel, we ensure each cookie is packed with balanced nutrition from complex slow digesting carbs rich in fibre, heart healthy fats and plant-based protein.

Not all Carbs are the enemy.

You need them for energy. Remember that fruits and veggies are carbs too, and we know those provide us with valuable nutrients. It’s the fake refined foods that we want to cut. Love snacks? Don’t say bye to the cookie. Just opt for healthy cookies that are low on sugar and high on nutrition from superfoods! You got this.