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The Mission

Restore the world’s nutritional balance. One cookie at a time.

Inspired by Yoga principles of balance, Yoga Super Fuel is a super combination of nutrition and taste.

My Personal Story...

Hi, I am Shagun and below is my brief story so far..
  1. Plump girl (ok, may be fat!) all through school, college days and an unhealthy lifestyle led by constant sugar cravings and guilt trips.
  2. Plump girl meets cute boy Tanay, in MBA college. Tanay would be my mentor & best friend for life. They marry and have their son Vedant, their third best friend.
  3. Meanwhile I excel in corporate life. From Ernst & Young to HSBC. Talented, well paid, “successful”.
  4. Work brings us to Singapore (2008) and it did not help to be surrounded by people 1/4th your size and always running! Frustrated by my unhealthy self, I decide to conquer the impossible.
  5. Enter, health & fitness fanatic, Shagun, version 2. My true calling and passion for life. I take on strength training, yoga and healthy eating in a fun way, so no day feels like a punishment. I focus on quality, not quantity of nutrition and nourishing my mind & body with clean natural energy. With occasional indulgence to keep everything real. For records, I lost 20Kg and gained significant mental strength over the next 8-10 yrs! All in a healthy sustainable way.
  6. Light Bulb Moment: Entrepreneurial spirit takes over the corporate rat, ignited by need to explore, learn, challenge and take risks! There must be many more Shagun’s out there wanting to be healthy and not miserable at the same time!
  7. 2018, I take sabbatical from work to launch my own health & nutrition brand. I formally leave soon, ending 15 yrs of corporate stint, knowing my new baby had arrived! It all started with a simple question: Why can’t healthy be tasty and fun too?

Why I called it Yoga Superfuel?

Being a Yoga lover, my fitness philosophy is about balance. I am really healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time. Being healthy does not need to be painful, boring or require resorting to supplements. Knowing my own struggles, I want my nutrition to be super tasty in fact.

Yoga stands for Balance of Nutrition + Taste and Superfuel is about Fuelling your Health with Ancient Superfoods. I decided to focus on nutrient dense, ancient superfoods, that previous generations have grown up on. But somewhere along the way they got lost and replaced by quick fixes like high fructose corn syrup, refined carbs etc. I decided to take on the challenge and am proud that Yoga Superfuel cookies live (and taste) the balance philosophy.

No nasties. Only the good stuff. Just like Yoga.

Yoga Superfuel is not just a brand. It’s my way of creating a movement to promote Yoga lifestyle on this planet by extending yoga practise beyond the mat. One cookie at a time. Eat Like a Yogi!

What Makes It A Super Fuel?

75% Superfoods + 0% Nasties  = 100% Super Fuel