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Yoga Superfuel's Balance Mission

We were born with a single idea: “To restore the world’s nutritional balance. One cookie at a time.”

Inspired by Yoga, we stand for the Balance between Great Nutrition and Taste. So that snacking can be nutritious too.

My Personal Story...

Hi, I am Shagun and I am obsessed with health and wellness. But I was not always like this.
  1. I was a plump girl (ok, may be fat!) most of my childhood and adulthood, led by an unhealthy lifestyle and constant sugar cravings.
  2. Being a corporate rat, from Ernst & Young to HSBC, I was “successful”.
  3. Work brought us to Singapore (2008) and I was frustrated to be surrounded by people 1/4th my size ! I decided to conquer the impossible.
  4. Enter, health & fitness fanatic, Shagun, version 2. I take on yoga, strength training and healthy eating in a fun way, so no day feels like a punishment. For records, I lost 20Kg and gained significant mental strength over the next 8-10 yrs!
  5. I felt ignited by the need to empower others like me! There must be many more Shagun’s out there wanting to be healthy and not miserable at the same time!
  6. That’s when in 2018, I started Yoga Superfuel, leaving the corporate world for good. It all started with a simple question: Why can’t healthy be tasty and fun too?

Yoga Superfuel is not just a brand. It’s my way of creating a movement to promote Yoga lifestyle on this planet. Eat Like a Yogi!

The Problem We Are Helping To Solve?

We stand for the fight against junk refined foods that pervades the modern diet.

Worldwide, one in ten adults have diabetes. And one in three are pre-diabetic. Both are largely preventable. We help people take control of their health by snacking on Healthy yet Tasty Superfoods.

As people look for healthier options, the reason they will incorporate it in lifestyle is because it’s tasty too. Our cookies are packed with nutrient dense, ancient superfoods. No gluten, dairy, egg, butter, refined sugar/flour, preservatives. Yep, totally no nasties. We are proud that Yoga Superfuel cookies live (and taste) the balance philosophy. Just like Yoga.

What Makes It A Super Fuel?