The Best Diet Ever

So, after reading thousands of words and many articles I have figured out the answer to the billion dollar question. No, it isin’t when will covid-19 go away – that is a gazillion dollar question. It is – which is the best diet that one should follow for life. The answer is…… The one that you can follow for life. It’s not a cop out, let me explain. You see the average dieter changes diets at the speed at which certain presidents tweet. The results are patchy at best. Moreover, there is strong research to suggest and discourage the use of any and every diet. So, ditch all diet? Yes and no.

Ditch the FAD diets but not the principles.

Six Principles

So here are six principles that always work some wonders:

  1. Raw over processed: Try to eat a higher proportion of raw like fruits and vegetables over processed refined foods that inundate our shelves and shopping carts
  2. Fast over feast: Try to have certain periods in your routine where you fast. Approximately a fast is defined as no calories for 12+ hours. Try to get a few of those every month, definitely more fasts than feasts.
  3. Water over sugary drinks: When in doubt, have a glass of water. You can’t go wrong. Ultimately, we are 60% water and the average human regularly under-hydrates.
  4. Track for feedback: What you track gets done. So start tracking the quality & quantity of your intake. Don’t worry about german-precision – just eat lesser calories with a higher proportion of fats plus proteins. A proper tracking App will go a long way.
  5. Burn more than before: In conjunction with above, burn Simple formula: Fat loss = Burn > Bite. Track via more steps, miles, minutes of exercise or stairs climbed daily.
  6. Make every bite count: This one is more philosophical but the most important. Be intentional about every bite. Observe what you are putting inside your precious body. You deserve the highest quality nutrition without chemicals, microbes and junk. Demand it. Never compromise on quality here.

So that’s it – clear principles to uncomplicated diets. Before you start groaning that when does this leave time for fun, here is a bonus principle: Follow this 80/20. So as long as 80% of your day, week or month is in line with above, you have earned the 20% to cut loose (hey, you don’t have to).

So here it is – try it. If you really want a name for your IG, we can call it the #CommonSenseDiet.

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