THREE things we obsess over that makes us healthy:A. Packed with Superfoods: Like turmeric, amaranth, buckwheat etc. These are are known for their nutrition & health benefits e.g. anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, protein, fiber, healthy fats and more.B. ZERO Refined Nasties: We never use any refined sugar, refined flour, hydrogenated oils, toxic chemicals.C. Bite Sized Sustained Energy: These are bite sized for ideal snacking and provide sustained energy release without the sugar spike.In short we focus on making every bite count. Because our precious bodies deserve the highest nutrition possible even during snacking. And yes we are Vegan and Gluten Free too! 
On average our cookies are about 30% lower in sugar as compared to market cookies. Sweetness is achieved by using a combination of coconut nectar, honey, brown sugar and naturally sweet dry fruits like fig, raisins, cranberries. We never use any refined sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Refer below for the sugar comparison in market cookies vs Yoga Superfuel cookies.Sugar Per 100G Cookies:Quacker Oat Cookies (36.3), Oreo (38.4g), Chips Ahoy (37g), Home Free Vegan Cookies (36g), Go Raw Sprouted Gluten Free Cookies (40g).Yoga Superfuel Cookies (23g; avg sugar across flavours).Sugar in our cookies is >30% lower vs market!
The cost is determined by what goes inside the product. For example, regular unhealthy ingredients like refined flour costs about S$3 per kg. In comparison, premium superfoods that we use cost way more, often in the range of S$15-20 per kg. Per snack time, our cookies cost about S$2-3. That’s still lower than if you were to grab a Starbucks muffin!
Approx 3-4 business day for local delivery. Delivery cost: S$4. Free delivery over S$30.
Yes. Approx 1-2 weeks delivery time (depending on country). Rates will be auto calculated during checkout. We usually ship via SingPost and delivery time may vary by country. If for some reason we are unable to ship to your location, we will reach out to refund you.
Simply click on the Reviews (star) icon below any product to review! And we will also send you a sweet discount code for your next purchase as a thank you gesture.




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